NAWABO KA SHEHER i.e. Lucknow is the Land of the Awadhi Cuisine. The capital of Uttar Pradesh is well known for its traditional cuisine as well as street foods. Basically Lucknow is well known for Non-veg dishes, but at the same time it offers a variety of veg dishes too. Let’s have some Lucknowi Zaika.


Kabab is the jaan (soul) of Lucknow. People from various places come here just to taste the Zayka of Kabab (Taste of Kababs). There are different kinds of Kababs like, Shami & Galawat Kababs, Mutton kababs, Channa kabab, Soya kabab, it’s all upto you what you want to eat. TUNDEY KABABI is the most popular shop to eat these delicious kebabs with Rumali Roti or Ulte Tawa ke Parathe. There are two outlets of the “Tundey Kababi”, one is in CHOWK and other is in Aminabad. You can also visit Dastarkhwan for good kababs in Hazratganj and Gomti Nagar.


Biryani is the authentic dish of Lucknow and it is very known through out the world. Basically Biryani is rice which is cooked with some special ingredients, with options of chikan and mutton. They are generally served with raita and gravy. In Lucknow, you can go to Wahid’s Briyani/Tundey Kababi/Dastarkhwan which is known for the best Awadhi biryani.


Chat is a kind of street food which you can find in many cities, but here in Lucknow it has a very special form. The speciality of this basket chat is that you have to be a big foodie to finish it alone. The basket is made from potatoes and filled with aaloo tiki and curd and too many mixtures to add flavours. ROYAL CAFE in Hazratganj, Lucknow is best known for the Basket Chat. Do visit there once.


The meal is always incomplete without desert. Kulfi is a yellow coloured sweet with faaluda. If you ask your grandparents in their time Kulfi is the substitute of ice-cream which is served with or without faaluda. This Prakash ki kulfi is very known shop in Lucknow for kulfi-faluda and the shop is located in Aminabad.


Every one knows about the perfect combination of Naan and Paneer, but can you believe Lucknow offers you Sweet Naan, yes this sweet naan is called Sheemal. It is baked in tandoor and served with a spicy gravy to balance the flavour of the dish. The most important ingredient of this dish is Saffron and nuts. This is a very unique dish of Lucknow one can try the best Sheermal in Chowk area.

Written by Abhishree Nagar