Planning the special day of your life is not a one day activity. You have to go through many ups and down while planning for your big day. As in Indian culture, wedding is known as the most longest and the happiest festival, it’s just not one day programme for a person. Every member of family is responsible for something in hosting this big day. Let’s see why it is crucial to plan your wedding on time.


  • Let’s start with preparation of list: So what if now we have everything on a digital platform, something can never be changed and making a list is one of them. For planning your wedding hassle-free, the foremost important thing is to prepare all the list wisely. The list must include all the details properly and neatly. You can prepare a final list only after some rough attempts. So start preparing list as soon as possible.
  • Book your space: Another thing which is very important is booking of venues, catering and all other services on time otherwise it will be very hectic and costly process. As the prices of everything rises in the wedding season, so it will be recommended to book all your services on time properly. Venues plays a very vital role in one’s wedding so try to plan it accordingly.
  • Decide what you actually want: Satisfying yourself  is much more important than satisfying others expectation. So before planning ask yourself and your other half that what you two actually wants?  And after getting the answers it will be very easy for you peoples to plan. Likewise if you want to go with extraordinary wedding you can plan that or something else whatever you guys want.
  • Don’t depend much on others: Because it’s your day, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work on everything. You have to work more for yourself, as depending much on others can easily ruin your plan. So it will be better if you check everything on your own once.
  • Keep some money aside: It is always advisable to keep some money aside for emergencies or some miscellaneous expenses,  because you too don’t know what you will like in the market especially in the case when you are bride. We always prepare budget for everything but in the last there are many additional expenses. So to meet all those expenses one should always carry some side cash.
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  • Don’t forget to enjoy yourself: In all this chaos around you don’t forget that it’s your day, as these memories are the only thing which you are going to carry forward with you lifetime. So don’t be more panic enjoy each and every movement of your wedding rituals.  Feel free to enjoy or laugh like a queen baby . Don’t try to show yourself as a perfect bride or groom just be yourself and live each moments.
  • Don’t Overcrowd the gathering: Make sure the peoples around you are literally with you . As someone said don’t go for quantity go with the quality of peoples. I’m not saying to invite less people,  I just wanna make you aware about the gathering think twice whom you really want to call to celebrate your day. Because in the last numbers are nothing, if they can’t participate in the event with their will.
  • Don’t Make Decisions without your partner: Aaah! This one is the most important point you should focus while planning your wedding.  Involve your partner in all your decisions, discuss with them about every if and but and try to understand each others point patiently. Okk okkk let me clear,  here I’m not talking about discussing your surprises too . So, yes let surprise be a surprise and go for discussion for everything else.
  • Don’t try to be rigid: Let me remind you, with time everything changes either its trends or rituals, so don’t be extra rigid with anything. You and your plans both should be a little bit flexible as no one knows what is going to happen in next second.  While planning your schedules or even your attires try be a little bit flexible as it will help you to be calm.
  • Don’t forget  to rehearse everything: Planning and implementing are two different  sides of a same coin. So , only planning is not enough you have to rehearse everything with the concerned party. After planning your dress , photographer, dance, events etc.fix appointment with each one of them accordingly and rehearse that how it is going to happen.
  • Don’t leave anything on the last minute: Don’t try to be a lazy bride or groom,  do everything on time as leaving anything for the last minute can be a reason for your wedding disaster. If you are busy with something and  certainly any idea or plan hit your mind do note down it, as there are 90% chances that lateron you will forget them.

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Written by Abhishree Nagar