The month of Ramzan is going to start from 24th April 2020 which is popularly called the PAK MAHINA. According to Islamic Calendar, it is the ninth month which is very significant for the followers of the Islam.  Ramzan is the month when the holy book of the Islam i.e, QURAN was revealed. The followers during this month fast from Sunrise to Sunset which is obligatory for adults. The reason behind this fast is very genuine, it is said that the followers fast because they wanna feel how much difficult it is for poor peoples to survive on this land. The most interesting thing which I came to know was, even the beggars  are very happy because during this month they can easily say that ‘they are not poor and hungry they are fasting for Allah’. The most beautiful part of this festival is every family & individual contributes ¼th of  their consumption, whatever a normal human consume like food, clothes, money etc all of that is given to poor families which is called ‘Zakta’.

Now, as we know the whole world is facing a global outbreak, and the very pak month is going to start from tomorrow. So, it is very essential for all us to have patience and work wisely. Here, I am recommending you some tips for being healthy during this Ramdan .


Drink as much water as you can, is not my advice because drinking too much water can also effect your health. So , it is advisable to drink as much as your body needs because you are a human being  and your body also needs a limited supply of nutrients to survive.

  • Don’t Overeat

At the time of IFTAAAR or Suhoor which is breakfast time don’t panic and overeat because, this year the Ramzan is in month of April & May which is the hottest time of the year and overeating can cause you serious health issues.

  • Eat Dates & Avoid Junk Foods

Start your Iftar with dates, as they provide immediate energy.  Dates are also a sacred fruit in Islam as it is said that  prophet Mohammad also breaks his fast by eating 3 dates and water. Before eating anything checkout the expiry dates and sanitise all the packed products which you have purchased from Market.  Also avoid eating outside foods and oily foods.

  • Don’t Skip Suhoor

Suhoor (breakfast during dawn) is very important for being healthy. In Normal days too, doctors suggest us to eat proper breakfast because it provides us energy to work all day long. So in case of Ramzan too it is very important to have breakfast. You have to be extra careful for your breakfast because if you will eat oily food during breakfast it can create problems. So, go with fruits & juices.

  • Try to avoid Salty foods

Salty food can easily dehydrate your body and you will start feeling thirsty. Because of Salt retention your body will neend more and more water, as water is needed to dilute the sodium. And in researches, it is said that consumption of salt will not only increase thirst but it will also increase one’s hunger.


Written by Abhishree Nagar